Being motivated at the start of something is an amazing feeling isn’t it? Don’t you ever feel so ‘pumped’ up at the start of something, maybe a project, or a new job, or a weight loss journey, because you can vision and desire the outcome? It excites you doesn’t it?

Think about when you were young. If you tried to play football, you would not know how to tackle properly if you were not coached. Would Michael Jordan know how to play basketball the way he did if he was not coached the right way? Would Joe Montana be one of the best quarterbacks ever if he was not taught the proper mechanics when he was new to the game? These professionals did not learn their skills themselves, they were taught them.

Take the time out to tone your back muscles. Your back is going to get a lot of work out from all the walking and swinging, and having well toned back muscles will cut down on the stress.

However since he joined the L.A. Galaxy team in 2007 things have not gone well. He was hired to try to bring popularity to professional soccer in the United States, but was injured and unable to play most of the time. Galaxy meanwhile, has been loaning him out to other teams. At the time of his recent injury, it was suspected Beckham would soon join the Milan team.

Dallas Cowboys 12-4 The Cowboys found a steal in Dez Bryant and may have finally found all of the pieces to the puzzle. They could make a push late in the season and be a dominant force in the playoffs.

These questions are important to ask of ourselves, but what is even more important is our ability to affect change when we’re not in a place where we’re happy with our relationships. The foster mom I spoke of earlier also spends a great deal of time with Cady and Ginny’s mom, to teach her the same thing she is teaching the kids: Healthy boundaries. This is part of the journey of getting her children back into her care. It will allow her to take responsibility, to set clear rules for the kids, and to love and care for them.

Any one of these or many others can help you explore the real you versus the conditioned you and help you tap into the strengths that can contribute to your success.

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