Being motivated at the start of something is an amazing feeling isn’t it? Don’t you ever feel so ‘pumped’ up at the start of something, maybe a project, or a new job, or a weight loss journey, because you can vision and desire the outcome? It excites you doesn’t it?

The movie Bend it with Beckham helped make London- born Beckham a world wide megastar. He has played professional soccer since the age of 17. He has won practically every soccer award possible.

The fact of the matter is, United need a win – any win. A big-time football coach I used to cover always talked about how “confidence is the result of demonstrated performance.” United haven’t demonstrated much positive performance of late, and it seems to show in the team’s play.

Chips are being used to record times. The small chip placed on your shoelace will automatically record your start and finish time for the race to give you an accurate time.

While most of us weren’t raised in an environment unfit for children and therefore don’t have the lack of boundaries like these kids struggle with, saying “no!” and “yes!” can still be challenging for many of us. Especially when it comes to our close relationships, it can be difficult to say what we want or need. We may want to please the other person too much, therefore complying with whatever happens and hardly ever saying no.

He stays late when he can, and works on Saturdays to catch up on the office part of his job, because he can only afford to hire an office manager part time. He knows his wife is overwhelmed, so he doesn’t ask her to help with the office duties, although she used to when they first started the business. He loved when she used to keep his books, and call him all day just to hear his voice.

With the pig-flu and the bird-flu and the flu-flu and the common cold out there, we are all doing ok. I see all the stories of the spreading of this sickness and I give thanks. I also wash my children’s hands every twenty seconds when we are out in public. DId you know kids put their hands in their mouths every thirty seconds?

Although the heartthrob remains fiercely loyal to his fans, he admits some do get carried away in trying to prove their devotion. Enrique has hordes of female admirers and receives fan mail from all over the world. While he enjoys reading the letters, a handful of fans have sent him disturbing packages in the past.

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