Soccer entities have their message clear- if they can reach the youth they have a fanbase for the future. This is what 560 WQAM personality D.A. (Damon Amendolara) is doing all over South Florida. The former upstate New York native is in an awkward position at that station as he is a confessed soccer fan in a sea of Dolphins and Hurricanes talk; yet he wears that “taboo” as a badge of honor. Not only that, he reaches out to the entire community by not just talking about soccer but by coaching it.

With over 250 hands-on exhibits that cover atoms, the universe, technology, and everything else in between, The Mind Museum is the first of its kind and scale in the country. Its exhibits were originally designed by Filipino artists and fabricated by scientists from here and abroad. The museum is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Tuesdays to Fridays and until 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

This award often doesn’t have upsets, so that might knock Suh out – and they may not have enough excuses to give Tebow one more win. McCoy could get it for his body of work – though it might make Suh fans more upset – while Gerhart has some of the year’s best games under his belt. But it says something that this could be the best Heisman show in a while, when the race looked muddled most of the way.

There are plenty of ways to decorate a teen’s room. Remembering what your teen is interested in will work best. Using themes for their room just like a child, but more their age and more their style will give you a good place to start. Let’s say they like the Fairytale Fantasy. Try putting together a room with a vanity set and canopy bed with white fabric draped from the top like an older princess style. Use the same fabric on the window drapes as the bed, keeping the consistent theme throughout the room. Or if they really like butterflies, instead of painting them on the walls find ways to make them using crafts and pin them on the walls. Let’s say you have a boy who really loves sport; football, baseball or even soccer. You can help decorate a room using those themes one or all.

The wide outs are fast and talented. They are led by Senior Jacoby Ford, who will be playing somewhere on Sunday. If the Tigers brain trust can settle on one quarterback or the other, they very well might put up a ton of points through the air. The receivers and Spiller are a dangerous combination that could make the Tigers one of the nation’s premier offenses…. provided that there is consistent leadership and if the line can hold their own.

Tebow is surprising football fans and experts in a similar way that Generation Y, young people age 18 to 32, flabbergasts the everyday workplace. They bring to work some out-of-the-ordinary aspects that many bosses believe point to failure. But, stay tuned. Business owners and managers can observe Tim Tebow on the job and find out how those perplexing characteristics might in fact, benefit your workplace performance.

If Real win, I tip them as favorites against both of their potential opponents. If Dortmund should somehow pull the upset, I see them as the underdogs against both of their potential opponents.

Now, when God sees us, He sees that Perfect One. Because of the bloody Cross at Calvary, we are the righteousness of God in Christ (2 Cor 5:21). That means you are holy. It’s as if you’ve never sinned. Justified. Sanctified. Your sins are as white as sow. You’ve been bought with at a great Price.

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