The singer is a devoted fan of soccer and has been following his country’s progress in the tournament currently being held in South Africa. Spain have qualified from the group stages and will now face Portugal in their second round match tomorrow.

Sunday there will be bowling and football games. Lunch will be available from noon until 5.00 p.m. The sandwich menu is the same as Saturday. There will be Happy Hour drinks on Sunday.

Central to the concept is the idea of body learning. The body, after having performed a certain activity (golf or anything else), develops a memory of how to do that activity. That memory may be mental, part mental part physical, or just physical. Science cannot say exactly what is happening physiologically and psychologically but this does work.

As I have written before I am a classmate of Robert Gibbs. He and I are ’92 NC State alums. He was a poly sci major; I was a poly sci and history major. I did not really know him other then to nod acknowledgment of one another as we had so many classes and teachers and in the same buildings. Like I stated before, he was smarmy then too, but he was a soccer goalie, thus a BMOC sort of. I was not impressed – then or now.

Over time, Taylor has adjusted by cutting his hair short and wearing men’s clothing. He is almost 12. But I still catch him wearing my accessories and dancing in my heels. He is comfortable in his skin.

Swinney is a huge fan of the movie “Friday”. He wanted to called Dabo, after the character from “Friday”. There are reports that he has even taken to walking around campus with his eyes crossed and that he might be considering hiring Ice Cube as his special teams coach.

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