Friday dinner will be available from 4.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. This will be a buffet of BBQ ribs, fried fish, baked fish, shrimp scampi, and salad. The cost $8. You will also get dancing to True Passion from 5.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.

If my husband never picks up his laundry today, and even leaves his shorts on the bathroom floor I do not mind, because today he took a shower at home.

After getting the snot slapped out of them by Alabama in the first game of the season, Clemson never recovered. The Tigers spent the rest of 2008 showing the world that they could beat up on teams like South Carolina State and The Citadel, but would wilt like a hot house orchid in the face of real competition. The only serious team that Clemson was able to best last year was Boston College.

If one parent stops working how can they pay these expenses? Working at home can help families make extra money. This could be just a little bit. Every little bit helps.

The grass underneath our feet felt cool, and the big trees in the park gave a much welcomed shade to provide some freshness in an otherwise hot day. The freedom of kids to simply join in on a game is both admirable and infectious. So, not long after, two other kids asked to join us and the six of us connected. All it took was a soccer ball.

Ya know, I can’t really put my finger on the reason that a program that has been loaded with talent year after year hasn’t been able to rise to the elite levels of college football. It seems like some key ingredient was always missing from the recipe. Call it heart. Call it bad breaks. Call it a lack of luck. Call it consistency. call it whatever you want to….I’m going with consistency for the purpose of this preview. Whatever it is that has been missing is what Coach Dabo Swinney, who replaced Bowden after he was fired last season needs to change.

You will gain confidence as well, as you learn to make shots from further away. An key element that you should remember is when shooting the ball is to put an arc on your shot. This is more than making your shots look pretty. This has to do with geometry. The straighter you throw the ball when making a shot, the less margin of error you have. This means that your chances for missing the basket are decreased. There is a higher chance of the ball going in if you throw it higher and it bounces on the rim. A straighter throw can score, but only if it’s thrown with perfect precision. But if you shoot an arc, your chances of the ball hitting backboard or rim and landing in the basket are much greater. As you work on your shooting skills, attempt to get a good arc on your shots.

Hand Moore the football, tell him that he is the man, and then let the chips fall where they may. If the Panthers do this and Moore flops, it is easy enough to then bring in Clausen to see what he has got. There is no advantage to the Panthers to do otherwise. Moore needs to be named the starter and either win or lose the position with his on field play. By making it up in the air, the Panthers are essentially telling the rest of the NFL that Moore is not as good as they thought. That could hurt his trade value going into a tough off season next year.

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