Annette Rocheleau has sat next to Head Coach Robin Selvig since his 2nd year at the helm. She was his first full-time assistant and leaves as his most experienced.

I had a few classes with some NFL greats – Danny Peebles, a wide receiver; Izel Jenkins, a DB; and DeWayne Washington, another DB who had a near 15 year NFL career with Pittsburgh and Minnesota. Washington was my lab partner in Meteorology lab. I also knew NBA player Chucky Brown when he and I were classmates.

Cincinnati Bengals 9-7 The Bengals may find themselves in contention for a playoff spot now that the Steelers have no quarterback for the first four games.

The movie Bend it with Beckham helped make London- born Beckham a world wide megastar. He has played professional soccer since the age of 17. He has won practically every soccer award possible.

Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10 The Jaguars are not a bad football team, but they don’t have all the pieces put together right now, and it doesn’t help that they are in arguably the best division in football right now.

You may find your child is really good at a particular sport and he enjoys it. Maybe sign him up for something a little more structured if you can. You could have the next Eric Staal on your hands and not even know it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-11 The Bucs are rebuilding and I am impressed with the improvements they have made. So far, Josh Freeman has proved he can play, and with the addition of a receiver in the first round of the draft he will now have a target to throw to.

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